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Sword Plaque
  1.           Sword and Scabbard (all service branches).                       
A.             Place Sword Plaque on a table, face down.  
            B. Insert the scabbard from the right side through the double notched block. (if needed, slightly loosen the back screws to fit scabbard through notch)     
C.             Insert the sword from the left side through the single notched block  

The blade of the sword must pass between the scabbard and the back of the front shield in order to hold each item in place.  

Adjust the sword and scabbard to show equal portions of each item above and below the plaque.

  2.           Adjustments for Officer and NCO Sword Plaques.      
                A.             Adjust the sword and scabbard to show equal portions of each item above and below the plaque.  
              B.               If necessary, use the shim provided with the Sword Plaque to hold the sword and scabbard in place. 
                          Slide the shim upwards from the bottom underneath the back of the front plaque.  Push 
                          it far enough upwards so that it cannot be seen when the sword plaque is mounted to the wall.



              The raised mounting surfaces on either side of the case are intended for mounting medals, but may be used to mount other significant items.  The raised mounting surface in the top center position is used to mount a branch of service emblem, a very special medal, or another significantly special item which deserves the place of highest honor within the display.  Badges, medals, ribbon rack, and other items may be mounted above the wood plaque in the bottom center of the Tribute to a Veteran or Deluxe Awards Case.  This plaque provides a raised surface for an engraved plate (not supplied) with name, special dates, etc.  (Plates are supplied by the engraver of your choice and the cost for the plate is usually included in the cost per letter charges.)  The Deluxe Awards Case wood plaque accepts a 2 in wide by 4 in. long plate.    Badges, medals, a ribbon rack and other items may be mounted above the wood plaque.  The Tribute to a Veteran Case wood plaque accepts a 1-1/2 in. x 3 in. plate.  An engraved plate is typically mounted directly on the crushed velvet fabric in the Combination Awards and Flag Case.

              When mounting items equipped with clutch back fasteners, find the point where the shaft of the stud will penetrate the back.  Use an instrument such as an awl to make holes through the back.  Mount the item and affix the clutch back fastener at the rear of the case.  To mount medals or rank pins equipped with studs on the raised mounting surfaces, place the medal over the strip and center it in the location you have chosen.  Press the stud into the raised surface as far as it will go.  Discard the clutch back fastener, as it is not needed.

              To mount items with pin fasteners, insert the pin through the velvet fabric about half the length of the pin.  Use a flat instrument such as a butter knife or flat blade screwdriver to stop the progress of the pin, force it back out of the fabric and raise the pin head above the surface.  Fasten the pin into the clasp.

              Other items or memorabilia may be mounted using glue.  Extreme care should be taken not to drop glue on the uncovered velvet and exposed surfaces.

              Any type of dust or lint removal instrument may be used to clean the velvet.  If tape is used, "sticky side out", gently roll it over the velvet, taking care not to touch the gold border.  Also clean the inside surface of the glass.  Tighten the screws on the back to ensure the case remains dust free.

              The Deluxe Awards Case is equipped with a self leveling hanger.  It hangs flush against a wall when hung with a suitable size flat head nail, screw, or picture hanger.

The Combination Awards and Flag Case is equipped with two mirror hangers.  To hang the case insert two screws or two nails in the wall.  Wire can be strung between the two hangers if a single nail or screw is used to hang the case.   



1.             The size of the Flag to be encased determines the size of the Flag Case required.

A.            The 3 ft x 5 ft Ceremonial Flag fits the Small Flag Case.  Outside dimensions of the Small Flag Case:  19 inches wide by 8-3/4 inches high

B.            The 4 ft x 6 ft Ceremonial Flag fits the Large Flag Case.  Outside dimensions of the Large Flag Case:  25-1/2 inches wide by 12-3/4 inches high

C.            The 5 ft x 8 ft Ceremonial Flag fits the Large Flag Case.  Outside dimensions of the Large Flag Case:  25-1/2 inches wide by 12-3/4 inches high

D.            The 5 ft x 9-1/2 ft Burial Flag fits the Large Flag Case.  Outside dimensions of the Large Flag Case:  25-1/2 inches wide by 12-3/4 inches high


2.             United States Flag, Standard Fold:

A.  Flags folded by Honor Guards or others, in the standard triangular fold are never folded exactly the same.  This is because of differences in fabric density in the flags, the weather, the time of day, etc.  Also, no two honor guard details will ever fold the flag exactly the same.  Consequently, folded flags can be bulky in the middle, loose on the outer edges, or folded too tightly.

                B.  Inserting Standard Fold Flag in a Flag Case:

                                (1)  Place the Flag Case on a table with the glass side down.

                                (2)  Remove the screws from the back of the flag case.

                                (3)  Place the Folded Flag with the field of stars face down in the Case.

(4)  Insure the Folded Flag is spread equally within the Flag Case.  Loosen edges and/or decrease bulk in the middle of the Flag to enhance the fit.

                                (5)  Replace the back and tighten screws.


3.             United States Flag, False Fold:

A.  A FALSE FOLDED FLAG enables you to see a perfect star pattern through the front of the glass.  The 3ft x 5ft flag, when false folded and placed in the small Ceremonial Flag Case will show six (6) stars.  The 3ft x 5ft flag, when false folded and placed in the large Burial Flag Case, will show eighteen (18) stars.  The 4ft x 6ft flag, when false folded and placed in a large Burial Flag Case, will show approximately 10 stars.  The 5ft x 8ft and the 5ft x 9-1/2 ft flags when false folded will show six (6) stars.

(1)  Cut a piece of matte board or cardboard in a triangle approximately 1/8th  inch smaller than the inside cavity of the flag case.

(2)  Slide the matte board under the flag to the center of the star pattern.  Align the peak of the triangle approximately ¾ inch above the top point of a star.

(3)   Make sure the bottom of the triangle matte board is level with the stars on the bottom row.

(4)  Turn the flag with the matte board over and place it in the cavity of the flag case.  Fold the remainder of the flag into the flag case, replace the back, and reinsert the screws.

4.             Hanging The Flag Case on a Wall:

A.      Back the top two screws out two or three turns.

B.      Loop wire around the two screws, leaving some slack in the wire.

C.      Tighten the two screws and hang the Flag Case.


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