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The Tradition of Presenting a Shadow Box:

The tradition of presenting a shadow box to a retiring sailor is born of early British custom.   In the days of sail, when Britian ruled the seas, it was considered bad luck for a sailor, upon final departure from a ship, to allow his shadow to hit the pier before he himself departed the ship.  In order to ensure no such misfortune would befall their shipmate, the crew would construct a box of the finest timber and place within it all things that reflected his accomplishments.  Only then could the man, with the “SHADOW” of himself in hand, safely depart the ship and go ashore once and for all.  

Presentation - "On behalf of your shipmates, we present you this shadow box.  With the shadow box is the military person’s most honored and cherished possessions, including the flag of the United States of America."

John P. Mu rray III 

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